This is a Bible study site, right?

So, where is the statement of faith?

Well, you haven’t missed anything. There isn’t one here, and for good reason.

My Faith is a Journey

I believe that one’s Faith is intended to be a constant journey, a never ending state of metamorphosis and evolution, as we are milled upon the threshing room floor, reshaped and molded upon the Potter’s wheel, and our minds are being renewed. Somehow, trying to condense that into a static statement just doesn’t work for me. My Faith is open, and encouraged, to be challenged daily and is ever-exploring and ever-evolving. It simply refuses to fit into any mold.

My Faith is About Relationship

Ask any woman who has been married any reasonable about of time if her relationship with her husband now would fit the definition, she would have given it when they were first married, and I feel confident is saying the answer would be an emphatic, “NO!” My relationship with Yah through Yeshua is the same way. I seek simply to get to know Him better each and every day, grow into a person that brings honor to His Name, and live a life that follows His will. That’s it…nothing more.

Understanding One’s Faith Require Fellowship

One of the greatest tragedies, in my opinion, in the world today is a lack of genuine fellowship. If you want to know about a person, read their Facebook feed. If you want to learn about a business, check out their abut page. And if you want to learn about a ministry, read their statement of faith. People don’t stop long enough to talk and genuinely get to know each other through conversation and general interaction anymore. They don’t reach out and ask questions, often out of fear of the reaction they will get if they do. We, as the body of Mashiach can’t grow and prosper as a unit bound only by such shallow connections. So that said, I do my best to answer all questions posed to me about my Faith, so if there is something that you would like to know, feel free to use the “Contact Us” tab and ask.

Faith Is Best Expressed through Life

My ultimate statement of faith is the manner in which I live, which is actually the inspiration for this site. I simply don’t believe that it counts unless you are living it! The life of a believer is their best expression of who their God is, what their Savior died for, and how much He loves His creations. The life of believer is the most important evangelical tool they could ever have. When a believer lives out their Faith with passion and purpose, people flock to them wanting to know more, wanting to know how they can have that too. It is for this reason that I have purposed to life my Faith out loud, on and offline, and share it in and around everything I do.


That having been said, there are a few high points I would like to share to prevent confusion…

I am a Torah-observant believer. This, stated in an over simplified form, means that I believe the Torah, or Law of Moses, is relevant, beneficial, and applicable to the life of the believer today.

I believe in the Divinity of Yeshua. I drink deeply of the teachings He left during His time on this earth as He served the office of Prophet. I gratefully claim and  accept His real and perfect Sacrifice as my only means of Salvation and the much needed Grace that it poured out upon me. I rely on Yeshua as the Son of God, as the very Word spoken forth from the beginning, to act as my High Priest before the Throne. And I prepare for His bodily return and eagerly await His reign as King in the Millennial Kingdom.

I believe the Bible, in it’s original form, is the literal Word of God. I believe it is written line upon lie and precept upon precept {Isaiah 28:10} beginning with the Torah that tells us to entire Story, even if only in shadows and hints, from beginning to end. I believe the Truth found in the Torah is expanded upon in the Prophets, then in the Writings, then in the Brit Hadashah, or New Covenant Scriptures. I believe that, in its original form, the Word is without contradiction. I believe when any seeming contradiction is found it is due to frailty of human understanding and the Torah is to be the deciding factor.

I embrace the Hebrew roots of my Faith. In keeping with this, you will notice the following Hebrew Names of God being used frequently around all my sites:

Yah: the shortened version of the Sacred Name

יהוה, Yahweh, or HaShem: All 3 of these are my expressions of the Sacred Name, the first using the Hebrew alephbet, the second my understanding of the pronunciation, and the third, in Hebrew, means the Name. It is what many translations have rendered as LORD {in all or small caps}. Depending on the context, and what device I am posting from to be honest, I will use 1 of these three.

Yeshua: the Hebrew name of the Son of God, rendered in most translations as Jesus

Mashiach: Hebrew for Messiah, rendered in most translations as Christ. Occasionally you may see it written by me as HaMashiach. The prefix “ha” in Hebrew most commonly mean “the”, so in that case the usage would read the Messiah.

Ruach HaKodesh: Hebrew for the Holy Spirit, with Ruach meaning Spirit and Kodesh meaning Holy.

Elohim or El: Though I don’t use them often, most often only as part of the Names that describe the character of God, they both mean “god” in Hebrew.

I live by the calendar God laid out in His Word. The head of my year is the 1st of Aviv {March/April}, my months begin when the new moon is sighted over Israel {not by  a calculated calendar, not even the Jewish one}, I call the months by the names given to them in the Word {not by the ones given after the Babylonian captivity}, though I do currently still use Gregorian references for time-sensitive information such as study start dates and appointment times for consistency and clarity purposes, and the only Holy Days I keep are the Feasts that Yah ordained. I also celebrate Hanukkah and Purim, yet, while I find them to be an extremely beneficial spiritual experience, I do not consider them Holy. In addition, my days are counted from sundown to sundown {not midnight to midnight} and I keep the weekly Sabbath as sundown Friday night to 72 stars {approximately an hour after sundown} on Saturday. In keeping with this, all Agape Visions, Inc. sites go offline, making their content completely inaccessible, on the weekly Sabbath and the High Sabbaths of the Feasts. While the sites are online during the non-Sabbath days of the Feasts and during the times I am enjoying a spiritual celebration, I personally am offline and do not add content nor monitor correspondence.

I pray this helps to shed light on the Faith that I personally strive to walk out daily and answers any questions you may have about studying with Enlightened Hearts. And remember, if there is anything else you would like to know, feel free to ask using the “Contact Us” tab. Blessings beloved!~

Surrendered to Him~